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For many years paragliding was not such a popular sports in India but recently there has been a tremendous increase Read More..


One of the most unique way of gliding or flying is by using a paragliding wing along with a propeller motor which is fixed Read More..

Flower Dropping

flower dropping by Para motor has become the preferred choice due to its low cost . It scores over flower dropping by a helicopterRead More..

Aerial Advertisings

Aerial advertising is used to drop pamphlets covering a large amount of area. Due to which a massive audience is reached.Read More..

Aerial Branding

Aerial branding is one of the most innovate method of advertising which grabs the attention of the viewers. Aerial branding which Read More..

Joy Rides

If you ever wanted to experience the sensation of flying like a bird in the sky you can try Para Gliding . It offers a joy ride like no another Read More..

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